Google Apps for Education is a suite of web based applications and storage designed for schools, colleges and universities.  It includes a number of tools such as email, documents, calendars, and web sites.  All of these tools synchronize and flow together to provide seamless integration of 21st Century Learning Skills.  The use of Google Apps for Education will increase learning opportunities and communication between and among students and teachers in Fair Lawn Schools.
Here are some "how tos" to help you get started in Google Apps:

What's available in Google Apps for Education ?

Working online, you can create and share documents,spreadsheets,and 
presentations.  Google's email program allows you to correspond with your teacher and your fellow students.  An email with its replies are grouped together.  There is a search window to find messages you have sent or received.
Working online, you can create and share documents,spreadsheets,and 
presentations.  Makes collaborating on projects easy both in and out of class.
Web site creation tool so you can share your information 
with your fellow students or the world.
Online calendar that lets you keep track of what is going on in your classes. Groups
Online discussion groups between teachers or between teachers and their students.

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